What is Bitshares?

Bitshares is a Graphene-based DPOS blockchain with BTS as its core utility token. It's like Bitcoin/Ethereum... (to put it mildly) but without the bullshit; better, faster, and cheaper. It has its own on-chain DEX, which eliminates the KYC bureaucracy. Create an account at bitshares.org to stop being a normie. NOTE: This is not the same as NBS (new bitshares), which is a scam.

What is Mainnet and Testnet?

The side of the blockchain used by everyday users, the mainnet, is where all the money moves. The side of the blockchain devoted to testing and development is known as Testnet. As a proof of concept, the NFTs/Assets are currently being retrieved from the testnet. The mainnet mode will be allowed in the app once real NFTs start being released in the mainnet.

How can I make a Bitshares NFT?

Only dark magicians can deploy NFTs with proper formatting at the moment (April 18 2021) (there are no publicly accessible resources to quickly automate the process, but some are coming soon!), but you may ask in the Bitshares NFT group at Telegram: t.me/BitSharesNFTs to become a nerd lord of crypto supremacy. In fact, once you grasp some fundamental concepts about bitshares and blockchain in general, it's as simple as uploading a json blob using a cli or an online API (And pay the respective transaction fee, which is much lower than you would expect).

Is this an official Bitshares app?

I'm not a member of the core development team, nor of the UX or marketing teams, or anything like; I'm just "Alguien Alli," a random dweller of the bitshares telegram groups who asks a lot of questions. However, you can't simply delegate all of the work to the core team as if they owed the group something; Therefore, if you believe in the project, you must support it in whatever way you can, whether that means spreading the word, building small projects on it, or even creating memes (this "coin" isn't a joke, though...).

How can I contact you?

I "can" respond if you send a memo to the bitshares account in the footer with an email address. This is to prevent spam/filtering phishing scams. (Ask @XBTSbot in telegram for 1 bts to cover the transfer fee.) Please keep in mind that I'm not obligated to respond; I'm generally approachable, but I do have a life, so please let me know why you've contacted me. Thank you for your patience. .

Are there any other BTS NFT Viewers?

Yes, of course, there are other seemingly-human devs out there working on BTS NFT stuff, you can check their viewers if you like.
Art-o-Matic: http://nft.iamredbar.com
ARTCASA: https://artcasa.gallery
NFTEA Gallery: https://www.nftea.gallery